100% made in italy

Dexterity, craftsmanship, expertise and creativity are the core concepts in our special approach to conceiving, designing and making products. While quality reigns supreme, creativity enriches the products with quintessentially “Mediterranean” warmth and a sense of both spontaneity and functionality that is invaluable because of its personal, intangible nature. All of this comes together in ever more creative, personalized and inviting homes. The collection has sprung from the company’s background but at the same time it marks a turning point on the unique, constantly evolving journey of creative technology in craft production. One big selection of elements that are all compatible with each other, for designing, making and meeting real needs with contemporary creativity that stretches beyond the realm of time.

There is a big focus on all quality-related aspects, covering everything from the production processes to customer service. The products are entirely made in our facilities and they undergo special hand-crafting procedures. At the end of the production process, they are subjected to meticulous quality checks. The choice of materials plays a crucial role. From the frames to the upholstery fabrics, only the finest materials are selected. They are tested with care before being used. Our staff use their manual and sartorial skills with great care and versatility to upholster many different products, showing first-rate attention to detail.